Booking your first Round The World Trip

So you’ve decided real life can be put on hold for a while. Time to pack your bags and become a world explorer! Where do you start? Well, book some flights of course!

I was 19 when I first decided to leave home, all I knew was that I wanted to go to New Zealand to visit a friend. One afternoon in Exeter my mum and I stopped by the STA travel shop, just for a chat. Two hours and £1400 later I had booked myself a Round The World ticket.

The woman at STA was so helpful. She answered all my questions, gave me amazing advice on places to go, things to do, ways to get around, visas and more. She even talked me into getting a Working Holiday Visa for New Zealand and to stop in Hong Kong and Singapore on the way, because why not!? It only cost a few extra hundred pounds.

Once it was booked, I bought myself Berlitz Pocket Guides for Hong Kong and Singapore, a Lonely Planet for New Zealand, and I had four months to save my money and plan something amazing. The journey was just beginning…

Now, of course STA isn’t the only option for booking a Round The World ticket, they were just my choice and I loved them. Nowadays I use and other websites to find my own flights, it works out much cheaper but you’re completely on your own. It’s totally up to you how you do this! Take a look around, find the option that works for you, and get it booked before you change your mind!

Go to to see what they can offer, or even better go into your local STA office and have a chat with a real person, they will open your eyes to endless possibilities.

2 Replies to “Booking your first Round The World Trip”

    1. You’re totally right! My dad has retired and has been living in different places all around the world since, from Bangladesh to Ethiopia, and I am so proud of him!

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