Take a trip to Milford Sounds

Milford Sounds is a fjord located in the south of the South Island of New Zealand and is easily accessible via car or bus. You can even ride along on the Milford Explorer, a cheap add-on to the Kiwi Experience, that stops a few times on the way. The best way to see it is by boat, where you’ll be dwarfed by the huge mountains and towering waterfalls. It’s a breathtaking place and the photos will never do it justice, you’ll have to just see it for yourself!

The drive to Milford Sound

When you leave Queenstown you’ll have to follow the edge of Lake Wakatipu south until you reach Kingston, and from there it’s an even further drive south around the mountains before you start to head north. You pass through Te Anau and the wide plains of Te Anau Downs before heading back into the mountains. Homer Tunnel is an impressive sight, and when you reach the other side it’s a short but winding road to Milford Sound.

The cruise through Milford Sound

There are a few different cruise operators for you to choose from. You can get a 2-hour scenic cruise for under $100 and this is the best option to see everything, including a stop off at the Milford Discovery Center to dip below the waves and learn some science. There are also options for kayaking tours and overnight tours if you feel like splurging.

Milford Sound in winter

We also took our rental car into Milford Sounds during the beginning of winter, when the mountains were slowly starting to build up snow and everything looked a little more dramatic. The highlight of this trip was seeing a Kea! These adorable little mountain parrots are super friendly, but also a little sneaky so keep an eye on your stuff.

You can view the full album here.

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    1. This makes me happy! I hope everything you see inspires you to start your own adventure, no matter how small!!

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