Crossing the Cook Strait on the Interislander ferry

From Wellington to Picton, or the other way round, this journey will never get old. As you leave Wellington you see the city shrinking into the distance and eventually enter Queen Charlotte Sound, surrounded by islands and rolling hills before arriving at the peaceful town of Picton. If the weather is awful the ferry has restaurants, bars, shops and movie rooms to keep you entertained.

The journey typically takes around 3 and a half hours which might seem like a long time but there is plenty of entertainment on board, and plenty of space too. The first service is around 9am and the last can be anywhere from 6:30pm to 10:30pm, be sure to check the timetable first. At certain times of the year, there’s an option for a night ferry leaving at 3:30am, meaning you save a nights accommodation!

Tickets cost $65 ($75 for Easy Change) one way, so it’s not budget friendly but it’s a necessity and it’s a wonderful journey. Just make sure you’ve seen everything you want to see on the island you’re leaving so you don’t have to backtrack! You can check out the voyage here.

Taking a car is hella pricey, so if you’re renting I would recommend looking at the cost of one-way rentals to/from Wellington and Picton to save you the extra $143 it costs on top of your ticket. If you have your own car or don’t want to switch car rentals, then tickets start at $208 for a small car and goes up with the size of the vehicle.

Although there’s plenty of restaurants, shops and comfy lounges on board I would recommend spending as much time up on deck as possible so you can really enjoy the journey. Book your tickets here!

You can view the full album here.

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