Sail around the Whistsunday Islands

74 mostly uninhabited islands make up the Whitsundays. Pristine white beaches and dense jungle are ready to be explored, you can charter your own boat for your island hopping experience or pay to go on one of the overnight tours available. A huge group of us sailed aboard the SV Whitehaven for three days and two nights, which included a lot of very good food and a bunch of activities including snorkeling, hiking and drinking goon.

Day 1 aboard the SV Whitehaven: Sailing to the Whitsunday Islands

Our first day involved buying as much goon as we could carry and lugging it all the way to the marina where we met our group and our crew; Andy, Jason and Elliot. We sailed out to a deserted island with a stony beach and spent an hour or two snorkeling, spotting colourful fish and not-so-colourful coral.

Back on board we had a snack and sailed to a quiet inlet by another deserted island to spend the night. We had a great dinner and a lot of goon. Half of our group went to bed early in the tiny cabins and the rest of us stayed up late and fell asleep on the deck of the boat under the stars! It was a fantastic experience.

Whitsunday Sailing Day 1

Whitsunday Sailing Day 1

Whitsunday Sailing Day 1

Day 2 aboard the SV Whitehaven: Exploring the Whitsunday Islands

We were woken up in the morning by the rain, managed another hour of sleep in the cabins and were woken up for breakfast at 6am. We made our way to Whitsunday Island, a mixture of too much goon the night before and the rough seas made a few people sea sick. Once on the island we had a trek though the bush to a lookout over the pristine beaches of the island.

Whitsunday Sailing Day 2

Whitsunday Sailing Day 2

We made our way down to the beach and paddled in the warm water with stingrays and baby reef sharks! We had time to relax on the beach for a while before making our way back to the boat. We sailed to yet another island for more snorkeling with a drop off, and made one more trip to another quiet inlet to spend our second night after some delicious dinner. We slept in our cabins to avoid the rain.

Whitsunday Sailing Day 2

Whitsunday Sailing Day 2

Whitsunday Sailing Day 2

Day 3 aboard the SV Whitehaven: Sailing back to Airlie Beach

Another early morning for another bushwalk, and we were back on the boat for breakfast and heading back to Airlie beach by midday. We spent the day relaxing by the lagoon, checked back into our hostel and met the group and the crew for our ‘after-party’. We had pizza, a lot of alcohol and danced until we all got kicked out of the clubs. It was a great end to an awesome three days!

Whitsunday Sailing Day 3

Airlie Beach

I know it’s an expensive activity but trust me, it’s worth every cent. You’ll see some of the most beautiful beaches in the country alongside some great people. I would 100% recommend the SV Whitehaven, if you like to party!

Although this was 8 years ago, I think the price has gone up significantly and they offer shorter trips which may not be all that worth it after all…

You can view the full album here.

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Whitsunday Sailing Day 3

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