Kick back in Bali

Bali is famous for its amazing beaches and killer surf breaks, but there are plenty of other things to do here. To get here from Java you need to make your way to Ketapang and hop on the ferry to Gilimanuk.

We got talked into paying jacked up prices for a minibus all the way to the ferry terminal, and when we finally arrived on the other side we refused to pay for the next one and headed for the local buses. Unfortunately, this led to the bus refusing to leave until we had paid over double the ticket price, you can’t win.


This 8km string of beach towns collectively make up Lovina, and it’s the perfect place to do nothing. We stayed at the Ray Beach Inn which was lovely, check out Warung Dolphin for good food and local live music. We didn’t do much here, just a bit of shopping, ate the best chicken satay I’ve ever tasted, oh, and spent an entire day panicking about the tsunami that was heading our way.

We woke up in the morning to concerned messages from friends and family that a huge earthquake had struck Japan and almost worldwide tsunami warnings had been issued, with the north coast of Bali expected to be hit. We were told by panicking relatives to get out of town, evacuate, find higher ground at least.

We packed an emergency bag, ready to leave at the first sign of trouble, and spent the entire day wondering if the locals even knew what was happening. No one seemed to care or even know that a tsunami was about to hit. We resigned ourselves to our fate and sat at a beach bar drinking cocktails, waiting for news.

The locals told us that when an island off the coast was hit, someone would call to the mainland to let them know how serious it was. No worries. When it did eventually hit it was no more than a few feet, we didn’t even notice it happen. Unfortunately, many other places weren’t as lucky.


This is the perfect place to let your inner hippy shine. The streets are lined with organic restaurants, shops selling hand made goods, all the hippy pants you could imagine, tiny street shrines and spirit houses laced with flowers and incense.

Home of The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, it’s a great place to get up close and personal with all the little hairy creatures. Just be careful when you enter the park because they will try and grab any belongings you have and run off with them, especially food, and don’t think they won’t bite you to get it.

We stayed in a great little hotel called Nyoman Murjana, I would definitely recommend it just for the tea they bring and leave on your private patio every morning!


This place is ridiculous. It’s a huge tourist destination with big shops and chain restaurants alongside small street vendors and cheap stalls. The beach is nice enough, with a regular surf break, a great place to watch the sunset but it’s always busy. The nightlife here is fantastic, and you will most likely only meet people from either Australia or Cornwall.

Check out Suka Beach Inn, this huge complex situated around a questionable pool is party central. As far as a night out goes, there is always something big happening. Check out the massive Sky Garden for multiple floors of cheap drinks and loud music, Apache is a super chill reggae bar, most definitely check out Alley Cats for cheap drinks in the evening and the best hangover food in town for the morning after, and Gong Corner is was our favourite place for cheap, good food.

You can view the full album here.

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4 thoughts on “Kick back in Bali

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  1. Hi! I am really enjoying your blog and you take beautiful photos!
    I have noticed you have been to both Langkawi and Bali. In a few weeks I am going to Singapore and then havw a few days to spare so I thought beach location, first choice was Langkawi but somehow I’ve ended up booking Bali. Which would you have picked if you could go to one again, Langkawi or Bali?

    1. Thank you so much! Langkawi was great, but I think the reason I enjoyed it so much is because we had such an awesome group of people. If I could choose to go back to one of the two it would definitely be Bali! I take it you’re flying into Kuta? It’s pretty fun there, good place to meet new people, Ubud is also a really sweet place to hang out! If you have time, try and get to Nusa Lembongan, it’s paradise!

      1. Thanks, your response makes me think I did make the right decision. We are staying in Sanur with day trips to Ubud and Nusa Lembongan so hopefully it’s amazing 🙂

      2. Brilliant!!! You will have the most amazing time. Ubud has awesome shopping and the monkey sanctuary is super fun. Nusa lembongan is just the prettiest place. Have a great time!!

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