Flying above Whistler with Harbour Air

After spending a summer exploring, hiking and camping around Whistler I couldn’t think of a better way to end my time there than to see it from the air. To look down on the village that had been my home for the last two years and to see almost every lake I hiked to and peak I climbed.

Take off with Harbour Air Seaplane Tours and see for yourself. They offer everything from a 20-minute flight around the village to a 1-hour flight with a remote alpine lake landing for lunch. I chose the most popular option, the Spectacular Glacier tour; a 30-minute flight highlighting some of the most famous glaciers, mountains and lakes.

Tickets for the Spectacular Glacier tour cost $165 (£83) but if you can prove you’re a Whistler local they offer a very generous 50% discount, although this doesn’t guarantee you a spot, you are on standby until they’re sure no one else will fill the space.

Go to Harbour Air to find out more.

Green Lake

Just after you take off you can see the beautiful Green Lake with the Green Lake Lookout hike below it and Rainbow and Cougar mountains behind it, as you fly south over Whistler Village.

Black Tusk and Garibaldi Lake

Flying over the incredible Garibaldi Lake with the famous Black Tusk always visible, you can see Panorama Ridge to the left as well, along with every alpine meadow, forest, glacier and mountain that surrounds it. You can read about the hike here!

Cheakamus Lake

Another big, blue and beautiful spot, Cheakamus Lake is nestled between the Fitzsimmons Range and Corrie Ridge with views of Whistler Mountain and Black Tusk.

Fissile Peak and Russet Lake

One of the best hikes around Whistler, this red peak towers above the lake in front of it and the impressive Overlord Glacier behind it. It was amazing to see how far we hiked to get there. You can read about the hike here!

Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains

Last but not least, you are flown over the two mountains that make Whistler the best resort in North America. Whether you’re there for winter or summer, these two mountains are the heart of it all. You can read about the hikes here!

I can’t put into words what an amazing experience this was. To be in such a small plane flying low enough to see the trails that I had walked on, the lakes I had camped by and the town I called home for so long. So save up your pennies and see Whistler from above!

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