The Mayan ruins of Tulum

Tulum is an up and coming resort town on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The main street is lined with hotels, shops and restaurants for every budget. It’s the base for visiting the Mayan ruins with the best location – on the cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

We decided to treat ourselves and stayed at the Hostel Mundo Maya. Big, clean double rooms with en-suite bathrooms and very powerful AC, which was much needed because I got very, very sick. This is more than likely going to happen when you’re in this part of the world, it’s nothing that a day in bed and a lot of water won’t cure!

The Mayan ruins of Tulum

It’s a 10-minute drive from downtown Tulum to the entrance of the Tulum archaeological site, you can either bike here or pay for a taxi which is much better when it’s so hot outside… The entrance fee is only Mex$35 (£1.40) so you’ve got no excuse to miss this one out!

Tulum was the only Mayan city to be built on the coast and was a major sea-port, used for trading turquoise and jade. A 784m wall encloses the site on three sides, while the east is open to the sea.

It’s all very well preserved, and there are a lot of different buildings to explore. The most prominent, and famous, is El Castillo, built high above the Caribbean sea, it’s very beautiful to see the ancient temples beside the white sand and turquoise water.

As with all tourist attractions, the early you arrive the better. We missed out on the early start this time but it still didn’t feel too crowded in the middle of the afternoon, and when it was too hot we retreated down to the beach for a cold beer and a swim!

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