10 differences between America, Australia and England

When I first moved to Australia I thought it was a perfect mix of America and England, but even after just a few weeks here I realised that all three countries couldn’t be more different from each other. Here are the ten biggest differences I’ve noticed after living in all three. Also, sorry about the stereotypes…I mean no offence! Considering how much I complain about England, it’s not that bad. America was my home as a child and I miss it every day. Australia is actually amazing and I love it here so far!



Australia: Pretty much the flattest and hottest country I’ve ever been to, with insanely beautiful beaches.

England: Some nice parts. Mostly rain.


America: Sunny summers and snowy winters in most places, ideal.

Australia: Good if you want to know what hell feels like, and if you don’t wear sunscreen you might as well be in hell.

England: Do I need to mention the rain again?


America: Watch out for moose and bears and wolves and buffalo, but at least you can see them coming.

Australia: Everything will kill you. Spiders, snakes, jellyfish, sharks, crocodiles, coconuts, and it’ll be a surprise.

England: Have fun protecting your fish and chips from seagulls, those evil bastards.


America: Better have your own car if you want to see anywhere other than the airport.

Australia: Better take out a loan if you want to see anywhere other than the airport.

England: Better pack an umbrella.


America: Actually so friendly that it makes you question your entire existence.

Australia: No one says thank you or sorry because they are too beautiful to care.

England: Sarcastically polite because deep down they don’t want to interact with you, please go away.


America: Everything is so cheap, especially gas, we pay that PER LITRE so stop complaining.

Australia: Rainbow money that might as well be coated in gold because good luck affording anything if you don’t earn an Australian wage.

England: It’s only worth something when they go to a different country. Also, you’ll end up with an obscene amount of small change.


America: You’ll suddenly go down 6 dress sizes and feel great about yourself until you get to the till and then they add tax, WHY!?

Australia: Only enjoyable if you have a credit card with no limit and are supermodel skinny with no sunburn.

England: Whatever you buy will be hidden under a coat.


America: A small is a large, a large is a plastic bucket, also you might have a heart attack.


England: Nowhere does Indian or Chinese takeaway like the UK.


America: They literally live off tips so be prepared to be served like you’re their best friend.

Australia: They probably earn more than you so they don’t care, shut up and order another $15 drink.

England: They’ll act nice for tips they know they won’t get but will bitch about it anyway.


America: It’s insanely cheap, but you have to tip. Also ‘lol’ when Americans say they can drink a lot.

Australia: You’ll be bankrupt before you’ll be drunk. Also ‘lol’ when Australians say they can drink a lot.

England: Literally one of the worst nations in the world for binge drinking because there is nothing else to get you through life.

If you can think of anything I’ve missed out, leave a comment below!

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  1. I love your list; it’s great! I’m from America, but lived in England for ten months to study. I still haven’t made it to Australia yet, but hopefully soon! Those spiders really freak me out though! Not to mention those “drop bears.” 😉 I actually didn’t find England as rainy as I thought it would be. My hometown in Pennsylvania gets quite a bit of rain too, as does my new home of Iceland.

    1. Thank you so much! Yea I think I definitely over exaggerated the rain that we get in England, although I’m from Cornwall and it seriously does rain a lot!! It’s hardly rained at all since I arrived in Australia which makes a nice change for February!! Oooh have then best time in Iceland!!!

  2. Josie Holly Acland !!!! Good job i know you are only joking….. I would like to point out that Josie lives (when in the uk) in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, Cornwall…. I think a small blog about how beautiful it is here would not go amiss – when you have nothing else to do of course….Love you…(can i say that)? IMG_2373.JPG

    I tried to post a photo but am a computer numpty…

    1. Haha mum you’re TOO ADORABLE. I think everything I wrote is still 100% accurate 😂 One day I’ll blog about how beautiful Cornwall is that one week a year when it’s sunny… love you too!

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