Cuddle a quokka on Rottnest

If you don’t know what a quokka is I suggested you educate yourself right now. There is an island off the coast of Perth that is home to literally hundreds of these tiny wallabies and they are SO CUTE. Also, the island itself is gorgeous, you can’t miss it while you’re in Perth!

Getting to Rottnest

The ferry runs from Fremantle and Perth to the island a few times a day and only takes half an hour. It can be pretty pricey, a last-minute round trip from Perth will set you back $79, or $59 from Fremantle, but you can save money by booking it in advance.

The cheapest option is to go on a Tuesday when a return from Fremantle will cost $39. There’s a carpark by the ferry port that costs $7 for the day, or it’ll cost you $9 for a return on the train. Add $20 for bike rental which is definitely necessary if you want to make the most of your day, pack a picnic and snorkelling gear if you have it!

Where to go on Rottnest

We picked up our bikes straight off the ferry and made our way around the island. The north coast has some amazing beaches, start at Bathurst Lighthouse for the view and make your way west towards The Basin, a great spot for snorkelling!

Bike along Longreach Beach and take a walk to the top of the cliffs at the end, you’ll get the best view of the beaches on either side. Follow the trail along Geordie Bay and past Lake Baghdad, be sure to stop at Parakeet Bay, it’s a gorgeous little spot.

If you make your way south you’ll pass the most-definitely-not-Pink Lake that stinks of sulfur. Climb the hill to Wadjemup Lighthouse for more amazing views and probably a lot of quokkas, they like to hang out in the shade on the side of the road so you can go and say hello! You can’t actually cuddle them but you can try your hardest to get a “quokka selfie” and look ridiculous while you’re at it!

It’s definitely worth making your way to Fish Hook Bay and Wilson Bay, they’re only about 20 minutes west from the lighthouse at the very edge of the island and it’s a beautiful spot if you’re into jagged rocks and crashing waves and gorgeous pools of turquoise water.

The south coast is just as lovely as the north, head to Parker Point for the best views, and Little Salmon Bay is a good snorkelling spot. If you feel like being a pirate and exploring an old shipwreck then stop by Henrietta Rocks where you can snorkel around the sunken Shark visible just a few meters offshore.

Just past the Kingstown Barracks and off the shore of the beautiful Thomson Bay is another shipwreck, the Uribes, hidden somewhere offshore. I couldn’t find it, but the entire beach drops away suddenly into the depths of the ocean so it’s a spooky but interesting spot to snorkel.

It’s small enough to explore in a day, but there are campgrounds and cabins around the island if you want to spend a night or two. Whatever you choose, make sure you take a selfie with a quokka!

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