13 types of travellers you’ll meet on the road

The Normal One

Is a genuinely good person, fun to hang out with without being clingy, becomes your best friend overnight. This is the most common type of traveller.

The Newbie

Has just left home for the first time and is way too over-enthusiastic about everything. They definitely over-packed.

The Long-Termer

Has been travelling for so long that they have lost all interest in meeting new people who will only leave again in a few days, unless they have something interesting to say.

The Loner

Can always be found hiding in their room, will only talk to you if you try and force a conversation. Possibly a bit creepy.

The Stoner

Spends all day smoking, eating and napping. Always super friendly and knows the best places to buy munchies.

The Party Animal

Will always be hungover, drunk, or both. Will never take no for an answer. Will spend their days in bed recovering to party all night.

The Rah Kid

They’re on their gap yah dahling and their parents are funding it.

The Complainer

Thinks the hostel is too loud. The kitchen too dirty. The bed too uncomfortable. The WiFi too slow. The air too cold. The world too unfair.

The Know-It-All

Thinks they are a fountain of knowledge on any travel-related topic and will gladly inform you talk shit about places they haven’t even been.

The Hot One

Is a total babe. Gets all of the attention from all of the people. You probably don’t wanna be sharing a bunk with them…

The Guitar Player

Travels with an acoustic guitar and spends every evening serenading annoying everyone. Probably knows how to play Wonderwall.

The Couple

Either all over each other or constantly fighting. Makes you simultaneously glad to be single and jealous of them.

The Group

Sticks together like glue, has no interest in meeting new people, takes up all the space in the lounge, and makes way too much noise. But you desperately want to be included.

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