A mini safari in Addo Elephant Park

When I wrote about my dream South African road trip, I had already decided that Addo Elephant Park had a firm place on my bucket list. I’m so grateful that we were able to fit it into our busy schedule, even if it was just for one day. Located near Port Elizabeth in the south-east of South Africa, it’s well worth a visit if you want an easy safari experience.

Park fees are R248 ($18) per person, per day and accommodation range from R280 ($21) for a tent site to R4610 ($339) for the luxurious guest houses. We stayed in an adorable forest cabin, a summer camp-style room with four beds and an en-suite bathroom with a communal kitchen outside.

Photo from San Parks

We arrived late in the afternoon, so after checking in and emptying out the very full car we made our way into the park to see if we could spot some elephants and any other wildlife. I found entering a new safari park quite stressful because you have limited time and opportunity to spot wildlife and you never know where the good places are.

It was nowhere near as impressive as Etosha, but then that place really spoiled us. It was Auntie Teena’s first safari and after checking out a few of the nearby waterholes we drove south, deeper into the park to try our luck. It was a success! We saw elephants, warthogs, kudu, jackals and zebra, before having to race back to make the gate closing time.

The next morning we had time for another quick drive before driving to Hermanus, and it did not disappoint. We saw a small herd of elephants with some of the smallest babies I’ve ever seen! They weren’t bothered by us being there which was a relief after being charged by an elephant in Hwange National Park. We also saw water buffalo, zebra and plenty more kudu.

It’s a real shame we didn’t have more time here, the park is quite a lot bigger than what we saw and I think we could have had lots of luck if we were able to spend more time there! Thankfully we still managed to see some amazing wildlife. I’ll never get bored of seeing an African elephant in the wild, they are majestic and graceful creatures.

You can view the full album here.

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