8 ways to get over your post-travel blues

Travelling changes you. It forces you to leave the comforts of home behind and step out into the unknown. You can read all the blogs and books you want, but nothing can prepare you for it. It makes you feel free, brave and incredibly badass.

Coming home is a different matter. It’s always lovely to see family and friends, but it can leave you feeling lost and empty, feet itching to hit the road again. Here are a few ways you can cure those post-travel blues, or at least forget about them for a while.

Go through your photos from previous trips.

This can leave you feeling sad for places you used to be, but it can also remind you of happier days in the sun, drunk with friends or on crazy adventures. I like to edit my best ones and add them to Flickr to use in my blog, which means I’ve always got happy memories at my fingertips.

Start planning a new adventure.

This is absolutely the best way to forget your troubles. Start thinking about where you want to go next, what you can see or do there, where you can go afterwards. Works every time.

Stay in touch with people you met on the road.

If looking at old photos doesn’t do the trick, catch up with people you met abroad. It’s so fun to reminisce about the ridiculous adventures you had, the beautiful places you visited and the delicious food you ate. It’s so easy these days with Facebook.

Keep yourself active.

Exercise releases happy endorphins, plus it keeps you healthy and feeling good about yourself. Go for a run (haha yea right), join the gym, go rock climbing, surfing, skating, whatever you feel like doing.

Join an online travel community

There are so many Facebook groups out there for people just like us with one thing in common… we all love to travel. Some of the most popular are Girls Love Travel, Travelettes, Girls Vs Globe, and We Are Travel Girls. Some people are just starting out, some are seasoned pros, but everyone can provide with advice, stories, photos and inspiration from all over the world.

Try new things.

What’s one of the best things about travelling? It’s trying new things. So why not do the same at home? Go to that new restaurant. Visit that museum. Get a tattoo. Try wakeboarding. Take a dance class. It’ll be fun and you’ll meet new people.

Watch movies, read books or listen to music that will inspire you.

If you’re feeling down but the thought of planning another trip seems like too much effort, then why not just sit back and relax. Here’s a bunch of movies, books and songs that will awaken your wanderlust.

Explore your own home.

I was so desperate to travel that I started out literally on the other side of the world before realising that where I live is incredibly beautiful. Even if you don’t live in a touristy destination you can find beauty in everything. Grab your camera and be a tourist for a day.

If you have any tried and tested ways to combat those post-travel blues then let me know in the comments below so we can beat this thing together!

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