Things travellers say VS what they really mean…

I previously wrote a post on things every traveller hates to hear, but us travellers are just as bad for talking sh*t. We want everyone to think our lives are perfect, but trust me, they aren’t. If there’s a traveller in your life and you want to know how they really feel, here are your answers.

What we say: “It’s really safe in (insert country name here)!”

What we mean: “I went and didn’t have a problem, but that’s not the case for everyone.”

What we say: “Travelling is easy!”

What we mean: “Travelling is mostly easy, but when things go wrong it can be an absolute nightmare.”

What we say: “Long term travel changes your life!”

What we mean: “Long term travel is easier than having to juggle a job, a mortgage and a child, good luck with being an adult.”

What we say: “Going solo is the best way to travel!”

What we mean: “Solo travel is amazing if you can handle leaving your friends and family behind, being lonely for long periods of time and dealing with stressful situations alone.”

What we say: “You should totally come with me next time!”

What we mean: Either “I don’t actually want this, I’m just being polite and I know you wouldn’t come anyway.” or “I’m lonely as hell, please be my friend.” there is no in-between.

What we say: “You’ll meet so many people!”

What we mean: “You’ll meet a lot of people if you drink a lot or stay in dorm rooms and pick the most popular destinations, good luck meeting people in (insert obscure country name here).”

What we say: “Everyone there is so friendly!”

What we mean: “Almost everyone I met was really cool but I’m definitely ignoring the fact that I met some absolutely awful people that deserve to spend eternity in hell.”

What we say: “It was so nice to get involved with the culture!”

What we mean: “I ate some street food, went to a temple and took selfies with the locals.”

What we say: “But there are SO many tourists at (insert popular tourist attraction here).”

What we mean: “I know I’m also a tourist but I’m being a tourist ironically.”

What we say: “The whole country is just amazing!”

What we mean: “Some parts were great, some parts were terrible, but I can’t tell you this because I don’t want you to realise my life isn’t perfect.”

What we say: “It’s so cheap there!”

What we mean: “It’s cheap because I lived off tap water and stayed in what can only be described as crack dens.”

What we say: “There’s so much to do there!”

What we mean: “I’m sure there is even if you don’t want to get white girl wasted every night like I did throughout South East Asia.”

What we say: “It was such an interesting experience!”

What we mean: “I did a stupid thing and almost died, but I didn’t so now I can laugh about it.”

What we say: “Oh, I don’t count countries.”

What we mean: “I’ve been to 43 countries but telling you that makes it seem like I’m boasting.”

What we say: “I’m a traveller, not a tourist.”

What we mean: “I live out of a backpack and avoid doing anything that costs too much money because I’m poor.”

What we say: “I love getting lost in new places!”

What we mean: “I am literally so bad at directions and I’m always lost so I might as well pretend that I do it on purpose.”

What we say: “It was so enlightening!”

What we mean: “I saw a man poop in the street and someone stole my bag but it’s all part of the experience.”

What we say: “You should just quit your job and go!”

What we mean: “I was privileged enough to do this, I don’t know if you are but I’m going to tell you to do it anyway.”

What we say: “Everyone should travel!”

What we mean: “Travel is something magical and life-changing that every person should be able to experience at least once in their lives if they can.”

I’ve absolutely said all of these things many times, and I’m sure you’ve said a few of them too. Can you think of anything else we can add to the list to help others understand what we really mean? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I can relate to most of these….especially the “Going solo is the best way to travel!” part. Its either lonely or you are happy you don’t have to compromise your adventure because of what someone else wants to do.

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