Sydney Has The Opera House, Perth Has Everything Else | Partnered Post

When you travel to Australia, you will typically decide between two major destinations to visit and explore. The first is Sydney, and the second is Perth. You can visit both in the same trip however due to their location most choose one or the other. So which one should you pick?

Sydney is mostly known for its architectural beauty that is the Sydney Opera House. Shaped like a shell, you will no doubt have seen this on postcards, online and in various forms of media. It’s even more impressive inside too, and there are plenty of musicians that absolutely adore the acoustics that the arena offers. It’s not the only reason to visit Sydney of course, but we think the opportunities in Perth dwarf it by comparison.

Let’s look at some of the best reasons why you should visit Perth instead.

Penguin Island

Penguin Island isn’t actually in Perth, but it’s close enough that you can make this your home point when you take a trip to see it. To get to Penguin Island, you’ll need to travel forty-five minutes south and then hop on a ferry. As such, you can leave early in the morning and make a day of it.

What will you find on Penguin Island? Penguins, obviously! But not just any penguins. Nope, these little fellows are the smallest of their species, and they are incredibly adorable. You can see them up close at the visitor centre with regular feeding times all through the day.

If you are planning on seeing this attraction, do make sure that you book your trip carefully. From late June to September the island is closed for the penguin’s breeding time.

Discover A Great A Waterfall

There are many natural beauty spots around the outside of Perth. It’s why you should rent a car if you’re travelling to this destination. The discount rentals car Perth companies offer to make this an easy choice and ensure that you can take in all the sights without relying on public transport.

One of the first trips should be to the hills on the east side of Perth. Here you’ll find Lesmurdie Falls National Park, and not surprisingly, the falls are the greatest attraction here. The towering waterfall is the perfect place for a selfie or perhaps to start that travel vlog. It’s quite a trek to the falls, but you’re sure to see some great wildlife as well if you keep your eyes open.

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Relax On The Beach

There are many beaches close to Perth, but one of the most popular by far is Cottesloe Beach. The beautiful, enchanting destination has gorgeous views and is a brilliant place to go for a swim. The aquamarine waters here are popular with surfers as well who love taking a dip in the cool lagoon. If you’re heading for a romantic getaway or travelling solo, this is also the place where you can enjoy a beer, a great glass of locally made wine or share a delightful meal.

This is just a taste of why Perth is the perfect destination for your first trip to Australia. Want to see more? Check out this list of 25 reasons to visit Western Australia and the top free things to do in Perth!

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