A Few Things You Must Do in Australia

Australia is a destination many people head to when they want to get far away from their everyday lives. It’s an obvious choice because it’s far away from most other continents, and it’s also incredibly beautiful in terms of its natural landscape and the beaches recall a vision of paradise we all have stored away in our minds. But you need to escape your fantasies for a second in order to plan your trip and what you’re going to do on it. Here are a few things you can’t miss.

Walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is, of course, one of the iconic landmarks of Australia. Don’t be lazy and drive over it like everyone else does. Instead, walk over it and soak up the atmosphere and sights you see as you walk. It’s the best way to appreciate Sydney fully and properly.

Sydney NYE 2016/17

Surf on Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world, so it makes sense for you to spend time on it when you’re in Australia. It’s found in Sydney, so it’s somewhere you shouldn’t have trouble getting to. One of the most popular activities people do on Bondi Beach is surfing, and there are many people there who will be willing to teach you if you’re a beginner.

Bondi Beach

Go Sailing in the Gold Coast

You can easily head out to the Gold Coast from wherever you are, and when you’re there, you should be sure to make the most of the waters. Sailing in the Gold Coast is a highly popular activity, and it’s one that you can have a lot of fun with. If you have never done this, simply head to www.sailfree.com.au and take the easy route. It’s something you won’t forget.

Whitsunday Sailing Day 1

Drive Along the Great Ocean Road

At over 151 miles long, you might not want to drive the entire Great Ocean Road, but the sights you’ll see along the way, even if you just drive part of it, are not to be missed. There’s something wonderful about seeing these incredible landscapes through the window of your car. You could even take things the extra mile and hire a convertible car to make the experience even better.

The 12 Apostles

See the Penguins on Phillip Island

If you want to see some nature up close, the obvious place to head to in Australia is Phillip Island. The country might be associated with crocs, snakes and spiders, but this part of the country is home to a whole lot of penguins. And watching them play around and go about their day to day lives up close is as fun as it sounds.

Penguin Island

You simply can’t return from your trip to Australia without doing each of these five things. They’re quintessential Australian trip ideas, so start putting your plans in place for you to do these things ASAP. It’s something that you certainly won’t regret because these are things are more than classic; they’re also fun-filled and unforgettable experiences.

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