Dirt Road: Exploring The Outback On Your Own | Partnered Post

There are loads of benefits when it comes to something like solo travel. Having the power to choose exactly where you want to go and when you want to do it will be a big plus for some, while others will simply be there to relish some time alone. Either way, a trip like this can be well worth it, even if you only do it once. You just need to do the right preparation.

This is especially true when it comes to a country like Australia, and even more so when you’re going to be exploring the outback. While beautiful, regions like this can be very dangerous, and you can’t take visiting them lightly. Instead, you need to be ready for anything the World’s largest island can throw at you, and this post is going to be taking you through it.


Making sure that you have the right set of skills before taking something like this on is essential, and can save you from trouble when you’re far from civilization. To cover this part of the trip, it will be worth going through a little bit of training before you set off, and there are loads of companies which can help you with this. Survival training is worth it for anyone travelling remotely, even if you have companions.


Having hardy transport is always a boon when you’re navigating in rough conditions. Ideally, you’ll have a four-wheel-drive motor for this, as this will be the only way to ensure that terrain doesn’t become too big of an issue. Companies like 4WD Supacentre have all of the skills and resources to help you to find and modify the best vehicle for this job. This will be pricey, but well worth it if you’re taking your journey seriously.


A lot of people will be too excited to plan a trip like this properly before they hit the road. You need to have more than a route to follow, though, as emergencies could call for quick thinking. At the very least, you should have someone to check in with by phone a couple of times a day. If you fail to call, they can scramble a team to search for you. Along with this, it will be worth having an idea of what to do in certain high-risk situations.


Finally, as one of the most critical parts of this task, it will be time to figure out what you will need to pack. You can probably afford to go light on clothing, as you won’t be trying to impress anyone, and won’t have anywhere to wash the garments once they are all dirty, anyway. Along with this, you also have to think about supplies. Food, water, and medical resources are all essential when you’re surviving in the wild.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start planning your very own solo trip to the outback. Whenever you’re doing something like this, safety should be your top priority, even if you’d rather focus on having fun.

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