Honey, I’m Home! Things To Do When You Get Back From Travelling | Partnered Post

Like all good things, travelling has to come to an end. It’s sad to say goodbye to the people and the experiences, but it’s also nice to head home too. Everyone looks forward to the prospect of seeing friends and family for the first time in six months. Who knows, it may even gloss over the fact that you’re not in paradise any longer! While the idea of slumping on the sofa and not doing anything for a week is perfection, it’s not the best move. To get back into the swing of things, it’s important to cover the bases and here are the ones you should consider.

Your Health

Travelling is sometimes a smorgasbord of drinking, partying and more drinking. As a result, you may have made a couple of bad decisions along the way. And, because you’re not at home, you never seem to take your health as seriously. As long as you’re not exploding from both ends, it’s fine (the WHO disagrees, shockingly). Arriving back in good old Blighty is the perfect excuse to see a doctor and get some blood tests. Think of it as a biannual checkup. At least this way you don’t have to worry about your past coming back to bite you.

Your Lifestyle

Although it’s acceptable to drink every day on the trip of a lifetime, there needs to be a stopping point. It never seems feasible to addicts yet a social thing can spiral into a compulsion. Suddenly, you’re asking the ANA Treatment Centre for help tackling the addiction and are admitted to rehab. Nobody wants to get to that stage which is why it’s crucial to manage your lifestyle. Rather than doing the same things, you need to exercise regularly, eat healthily and cut down on booze, drugs, and cigarettes. Your health and your doctor will thank you for it.

Your Finances

It’s been an incredible journey but it’s also been an expensive one. Spending your money for half of the year while not earning has taken its toll on your bank balance. Now, you are skint and can’t afford the most basic of items. At times like these, a budget is your best friend. By totalling your incomings and outgoings, you can create a plan that will keep you out of the red. The Monzo account app is a fantastic resource if you’re interested. Oh, and even though you don’t want to hear it, moving back in with the folks may be the best move. Yep, it’s back to home with a bump, unfortunately!

Your Next Trip

Travelling is a bug and there is no vaccine. Like the majority of travellers, you can’t wait to board a flight and do it all over again. My advice: don’t wait. Yes, the money will be an issue but you can’t use it as an excuse. Otherwise, you’ll never work up the courage to go away. To plan your next trip, think about the possibility of working abroad or going somewhere dead cheap. The longer you wait to take action, the longer you’ll be at home!

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