Enjoying Group Travel Without Losing Friends | Partnered Post

Travelling is one of the greatest tests of friendships. While at home you’d have other friends and distractions that means you’re not together all the time, travelling is a whole other story. You’re living in each other’s pockets and waking up and seeing the same people every day – something that can lead to tension and cause friendships to suffer.

But travelling with friends can also be a lot of fun, helping you create some of the best memories of your life. They can be a comfort blanket and a tie to home when you’re feeling homesick, and it’s always good to know a familiar face in a strange place.

So how can you enjoy group travel without losing friends? Take a look at some of the following tips for making the most of travelling with your friends.

Choose your travel buddies carefully

Choosing who to travel with care will help you to avoid some of the problems that can come with group travel. If there’s a friend who tends to annoy you, or is pretty strong-willed, you might want to think about finding someone else to travel with. It’s better to travel with someone with a similar personality to yours, while travelling with a bigger group can also help as it will mean you’re not completely dependent on one person to have fun with.

Decide where to go and what you’re going to do

People have different aspirations when it comes to travelling, but you should make sure that you’re all at least on the same page as to the destinations you want to explore and the things you want to do when you get there. Not everyone will be on board for every activity suggested, but provided everyone gets to do the things they want to do, everyone will be able to enjoy themselves.

There might be times when your group decides to split during your travels, and that’s completely normal. If you click here, you’ll see some recommendations for trips that lads will love, but the girls might not enjoy so much. Splitting up is sometimes necessary for people to get the travel experience that they want, so don’t feel forced into doing something if it’s not for you.

Set ground rules and resolve arguments quickly

Setting some ground rules before you travel can help everyone know what the boundaries are and avoid some difficult situations. There are ways to avoid being a dick while travelling that will be good for you to follow so that you don’t end up being the problem. If you do get into a disagreement with a friend, try to resolve it quickly. By having an honest conversation and apologising, you can make up and move forward. Don’t let a drunken row ruin your whole travel experience!

Whatever your travel plans are, make sure you make the most of them. Travelling with friends can be an incredible experience, so go into things with an open mind and focus on having a great time seeing the world with the people who mean the most to you.

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