Places to stop on a UK road trip | Partnered Post

When it comes to travelling, a road trip around the UK is a great option. Did you know that in Europe, cars are used for 65% of all trips? There are a couple of major things to take care of beforehand though. First is making sure you have a vehicle to do it in! While this may sound obvious, it is also crucial to being able to head out on your trip. This may still be applicable even if you own a car as your vehicle may not have enough room in or be suitable for the terrain you are headed too. The best idea is to hire a car to travel in if you need too.

The second major thing to get in order is where you will head on your jaunt. The UK is awash with stunning landscapes to visit, sights to see and cool places to spend time in. This makes picking out a few and making a plan essential so you get the most from your time away. If you need a few tips, here are four of the best places to stop at on any UK road trip.

Cheddar Gorge

Wonderful Cheddar Gorge is found in the county of Somerset in the South-West of England. It is the largest gorge in the whole of the UK and will take your breath away when there. The best way to see this stunning place is to simply walk around it and take it all in. The 450-foot limestone cliffs make for awesome pictures and the caverns you can explore are fantastic. If you are good with heights and love adventure, you can even try out some rock climbing here!


Another famous natural beauty spot to visit in the UK is Stonehenge. A standing stone circle complex which is fabulous to behold, it really connects you to the ancient history that Britain has. Along with the stones to look at, there is also a large exhibition centre to wander around. When you are done here, the historic city of Salisbury is close by to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner at!

Photo by Bernd Feurich from Pexels

Lake District

Moving a little further up England, we have the gorgeous Lake District. A region within North-West England, it is famed for its lakes, forests and mountains. A stop here is perfect for those who want to enjoy some water sports on the Lakes themselves or hike around the surrounding hills. There are also lots of welcoming hotels and pubs here so you always have somewhere to rest after a busy day.


If you are more into shopping and lunching than being active, a stop off at Edinburgh in Scotland is highly advised. This is a beautiful city to discover and has many great shops to enjoy. There is also the famed castle here which is a great sight to take in. With plenty of bars, cafes, museums and restaurants too, Edinburgh is a fabulous place to spend some time.

As the above shows, there are some seriously cool places to stop at when on a UK road trip. These are just a few of the very best – when you start planning it all out properly, you will find many more to visit too. You will never forget a road trip around the UK and the fabulous memories you will bring back.

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