Cruise Ship Safety – What You Need To Know | Partnered Post

When you board a cruise ship, there are certain rules and regulations you need to adhere to ensure the smooth running of the ship. When cruising, the ship’s Captain is judge, jury, and executioner. The rules of conduct and safety rules are in place for a reason and that is to ensure the safety of the crew and every single passenger. Most of the rules detailed below are common sense but there are a few tips which you might think are worth noting and taking heed of.

Regardless of what type of cruise you are on and how big the ship is, rules are rules when it comes to being at sea and should be followed to the tee. From cruising around the world on a massive ship to overnight Lan Ha Bay cruises, the rules and tips below apply to all. If you are in any doubt regarding the ship’s rules, speak to a member of the crew for clarification.

Basic Maritime Safety Tips

When onboard a ship or even a boat, every passenger is effectively a crew member in regard to safety. Not only their own safety but the safety of everyone on board the vessel. Please see below for a list of safety tips and rules, listed in no particular order.

  • The Captains Word is Final – The Captain is responsible for every single person on-board the ship. When he gives a command, to crew or passengers, it is for a very good reason and must be obeyed. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action for both crew and passengers. Listen to all safety briefings and take onboard specific advice regarding safety equipment, muster points, and emergency drills.
  • Secure your Cabin – Remember you are not at home, keep your cabin locked and secure and make sure any valuable items are stored in your in-cabin safe. Like any other environment with potentially hundreds of strangers, crime can be an issue, even onboard a boat.
  • Alcohol Consumption – Although alcohol is not banned onboard a ship, it must be noted that different rules apply to conduct. Behaviour that might raise an eyebrow onshore could lead to trouble on a ship.
  • Runs Ashore – Although going ashore at ports is exciting, it is important to keep a note of the time. Sailing schedules are very crucial and if someone is late it can disrupt the whole schedule and, in a worst -scenario, result in the passenger, or indeed crew member, paying for their own trip to the next port of call.
  • Respect – Spending time in the close proximity of others for an extended period of time can sometimes raise tensions. Bear in mind that respect for the crew and passengers is of paramount importance in ensuring a smooth voyage.

If you book your cruise with a high-quality operator, they will be able to inform you of any additional rules that need to be adhered to. This said, 99% of people enjoy their cruise with no issues whatsoever. Bon Voyage!

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  1. I work on commercial fishing vessels and safety is a huge part of my job. Our boats aren’t quite cruise-ship sizes, but a lot of the safety rules still apply. I’d love to know what kind of safety orientation is given on such cruise boats… I think it’s important to be prepared so if there is an emergency, you don’t panic and can be effective in helping!

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