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Contrary to popular belief, helicopter travel does not solely lie within the realms of the rich and famous. You may associate helicopter travel with heads of state and Hollywood A-listers but there are certain operators who allow you the chance to charter a helicopter at very competitive rates. Although you probably won’t charter a helicopter for daily use on a regular basis, what better way to mark a special occasion with a loved one or family group? Major birthdays, anniversaries and even unexpected windfalls are all occasions that warrant a special celebration, and what better way to mark the occasion than by travelling by air?

If you are planning to take a helicopter trip for a very special occasion, the cost might be secondary, but it’s worth bearing in mind that helicopter charter hire rates from certain operators can be very competitive so it’s still worth shopping around. When you call them initially, you can also ask about additional discounts they may offer for certain destinations or tours. The more well established and respected Sydney helicopter tour operators, for example, offer flights to areas of outstanding beauty where you can stop for lunch before being whisked back to their base in style.

Occasions and Destinations

As previously mentioned, the majority us would not regularly use a helicopter charter as a form of regular transportation but there are some occasions that warrant what most may see as an extravagance. The destinations on offer for a helicopter trip from Sydney are wide and varied and largely depend upon which operator you use but the destinations detailed below are generally the most popular:

  • Scenic Flights –Australia is blessed by both stunning landscapes and iconic architecture. Popular trips in and around Sydney include the Sydney Harbour Heli Flight, Sydney by night and trips to the Blue Mountains.
  • Lunch Tours – As previously mentioned, lunch tours are extremely popular with destinations such as the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Southern Highlands all on the list of possibilities. The venues where you touch down for lunch are handpicked for both the quality of the food and wine and also the stunning scenery.
  • Wolgan Valley – The stunning Wolgan Valley is one of Australia’s best kept secrets and easiest to get to via helicopter. If a trip to this unique location sounds appealing, all you need to is speak to your Heli-tour operator and tell them exactly when you want to go and how many people there are in your party.
  • Corporate Transfers and Trips – Helicopter tours are a great way to incentivise staff with something completely different. They are also very useful if you are meeting overseas clients at the airport and want to give them a transfer they’ll never forget.

If the above has opened your eyes in regard to helicopter travel and you happen to be in Australia, all you need to do is call an experienced Sydney helicopter tour company and outline exactly what you’re looking for. Experienced tour companies will do their very best to ensure you enjoy a trip that will stay in the memory for a very long time.

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