Everything You Need To Know About Cycling Holidays In Holland | Partnered Post

Cycling holidays in Holland are popular for those who wish to take a unique and active trip in a beautiful place. Holland is one of the best places to visit for a cycling holiday, as the land is quite flat. This makes it perfect for cycling and taking in the scenery as you pedal.

Amsterdam is one example of an ideal cycling destination. Almost every street can be cycled, as there are bike paths in abundance. However, there are many awesome places beyond Amsterdam, too. Here are a few pointers and things you should know before deciding to embark on a cycling holiday of your own:


The routes are well signposted, and the paths wide. They aren’t just there as an afterthought, either. Cyclists even have priority at roundabouts. If you’re travelling with your family, there’s no need to worry as there are barely any inclines at all. You won’t get the exhilarating feeling of speeding down a hill, but on the whole, this is a much more relaxing way to cycle and far safer.

Of course, you don’t even need to plan your own route. Something like Happy Cycling Holidays for cycling holiday in Holland could be the answer if you simply want to turn up and ride.

Here are a few of your options to consider, just in case:

  • LF routes – this is a national cycle route that is perfect for multi-day cycle trips. It’s long-distance and signposted in two directions.
  • Ultimate route – the ultimate route for holiday cyclists, Ronde van Nederland via LF routes is a great one to go for. This is a ‘Tour of the Netherlands’ and you will explore several sections of LF routes. The tour is almost 1,400 KM.
  • Internationale routes – the LF routes don’t end when you reach the border. You could potentially continue cycling on to Belgium, Germany, or Great Britain. Many other European countries have cycle routes, too.

A few of the most beautiful routes to explore and enjoy include:

  • Hooge Veluwe National Park – cycling is the preferred method of getting around here. There are many picturesque bike paths and you’ll see wildlife such as deer and horses.
  • Noordoostpolder – here you’ll find a huge concentration of tulip fields that you can explore by bike.
  • Waterland – many of the villages here are largely untouched and many have brightly coloured houses.
  • Zuid-Kennemerland National Park – this trail actually features hills, unlike many of the trails in holland.

Preparing Your Trip

You’ll need to plan and prepare for your cycle holiday in Holland carefully. Having a good bike is key, but you can always hire one if you need to. Occasionally, you may need to take the bike on a train such as when you return to your starting point.

Finding Accommodation

Figuring out where to stay is just as important as any other aspect of your trip. Some people like to keep the trip as organic as possible and stay on a national campsite, while others like to save money and stay in a hostel. There are no rules though: a luxury hotel or guest house is just as acceptable. You’ll probably be tired from riding, so consider how you will best relax when you are finished. Make sure that whatever accommodation you pick, it’s cycle-friendly.

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