Great Sporty Activities To Take Part In On Your Holidays | Partnered Post

When we head on our holidays, we want to experience all we can and soak up everything on our to-do lists. We only get a select number of days or weeks, so it’s only right that we spend the time away doing as much as we can. Sure, we could sit around by the pool and chill out, but that tends to be followed by regret as very little was actually done!

Whether we head away with our friends or with our family, we want to cram as much in and create as many memories as possible. A hugely popular and fun pastime on vacation is to take part in something sporty. Some head off to focus on a particular sport for the entire week, and others might take part in different activities over the course of the adventure. 

Does this sound like something you might want to try out? Well, if you’re interested in this kind of thing, then here are just a few options for you among the hundreds!


Some of the most beautiful landscapes are out there for you to discover. While it might be quite the exercise, walking up the highest hills and mountain ranges can be an amazing experience. People travel around the planet in order to hike, and you could do it, too, if you are at all interested. Of course, if you don’t feel as though the strenuous nature of a hill climb is for you, then a more comfortable walk along some of the most beautiful flat surfaces could also be on the cards.


If you feel as though you’d like to spend a vacation in the water, then surfing might be for you. While it takes a little time and skill to master, it’s something that everyone can enjoy. By no means is it exclusive to a particular group of people. Head online and look at some of the locations that would suit this kind of activity. You could do some of your Best Surfing Wales, Bali or Australia. Not only would it be an amazing experience, but you could get some amazing footage along the way.


Golf is a sport that will always be popular. There are courses all over the world for experienced golfers and newbies to enjoy. It’s a peaceful game with a gorgeous atmosphere. Once you get the basics right, you could have a relaxing set of games in wonderful weather. 

“When in Rome…”

“…do as the Romans do” is the famous old saying. If you travel to an entirely new place with an entirely different culture, then taking part in their favourite sports and activities would be a great idea. Not only do you get to learn new things and have fun, but you get to become fully integrated with the way other communities frequent. People all over the planet have ways of having fun and exercising, so seek them out and give them a go while you’re travelling!

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