Travel in a Van or Camper: How to Make It Work For You | Partnered Post

Travelling in a van or camper could be a fantastic way to travel on a budget. It’s something a lot of people choose for long-term travel of at least a few months, whether they’re on a gap year or perhaps are retired and looking to explore while they can. Living out of a van, camper or caravan can be a fun thing to do, but it comes with its challenges too. You need to find places to park up, you have a limited amount of space, and you’ll be spending money on fuel all the time. Keep reading to discover some smart tips that could help.

Get the Right Vehicle

The first thing to think about if you want to travel around in a van or camper is to get the right vehicle. Towing a caravan is one option, but a van or campervan that holds everything that you need might be more convenient and space-saving. You could choose a campervan that’s ready to go. The other option is to look at Vauxhall van offers or something similar and to do the work yourself to convert it. The back of an ordinary van can be turned into a sleeping and living space, although it does take work. It’s possible to do on a budget, but easier if you’re already good with DIY.

Check for Places to Stop

It’s great to be able to drive around your accommodation, but you also need to be able to stop for the night while you’re travelling. Although you could technically park anywhere to sleep, it may not be legal or safe. The best thing to do is to have a list of campgrounds and camping spots where you can stay overnight. Not only is it safer, but it also means you have more space to set up around your van.

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Learn to Pack Smartly

You might be limited on space when travelling in a van but you have more than you would if you were flying or using public transport. You can also expand your storage space with a roof box or perhaps a trailer. The key thing that you need to do is learn to pack smartly so that you have everything that you need. This can include packing tools and utensils that serve multiple purposes to save space. Choosing the right clothes to travel with will ensure you’re well-prepared for any weather.

Consider How to Cook on the Road

You’ll no doubt want to eat out sometimes, but one of the advantages of travelling in a camper is that you can do some of your own cooking too. But when you’re limited to one or perhaps two hot plates or gas burners, you have to get creative. Think about how you’re going to cook when you’re travelling, including both power or fuel for your cooking appliances and practical recipes that you can make anywhere.

Traveling in a van or camper is a great option for long-term travel, but you’ll need to prepare well if you want it to work for you.

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