5 Of The Best European Road Trips | Partnered Post

If you’re dreaming of getting back in the driver’s seat so that you can explore, it could be a good idea to start planning your next road trip. Europe is one of the best places to explore by car, as there are so many breathtaking and fantastic sites to see. Here are 5 of the best for you to consider so you can begin planning your next trip.

The Wild Atlantic Way

This road trip is full of gorgeous landscapes and vibrant cities, along with a rugged coast. If you’ve always wanted to explore Ireland, this is an amazing way to do it. Driving is the easiest way to get around here, and there are many short distances between stops. This trip starts and finishes in Dublin, and you head off on a circuit around the island for 10-14 days. Exploring places like Donegal, Ring of Kerry, and Dingle Peninsula, you’ll love enjoying the sites that Ireland has to offer. Make sure you visit the castles and manor houses, and chat to the friendly locals.

The Full Circle

Iceland is home to some of Europe’s most dramatic and awe inspiring scenery. A road trip here will mean getting up close and personal with waterfalls, glacials, and other wonderful views. Iceland has a ring road that surrounds the island, and you could drive around it in 17 hours. Of course, you’ll want to plan for more time so you can enjoy everything there is to see. Starting from Reykjavik and taking about 6 days to enjoy the views, you’ll see some of Iceland’s best highlights, such as the Gullfoss waterfall. Exploring the many mythical nature spots in North Iceland feels magical, and they are aptly named – such as the “Peninsula of the Trolls”.

Photo by Matt Hardy on Pexels.com

Along The Island

This Portuguese road trip, based in Madeira, has many amazing places for you to stay. There are volcanic pools – named as the most beautiful natural swimming pools in Europe, as well as opportunities to climb to the top of the island by following the roads leading to Pico Ruivo. Plan to walk in the Madeira Forest and you’ll enjoy some magic on your trip.

West Sweden

West Sweden is home to the rugged coast and some incredible fishing villages. To experience it, you have to drive, as it is not accessible by train. Make sure you have a reliable ride or look into vehicle finance before your trip. There are a number of driving routes you can choose from, but many like to start in the second largest city – Gothenburg. The city has a very relaxed feel, so it’s a good place to relax and recuperate. West Sweden is easy to access from the UK, although this takes around 3 days of driving.

Germany’s Alpine Road

Alpine Road (Alpenstrasse), gives you a safe and unforgettable route through the unforgettable vistas on Germany’s meadows and mountains. Starting at Lindau near the lake, you can head to a place such as Oberstaufen to enjoy a relaxing beauty treatment. There are many quaint Alpine villages for you to see, as well as the famous Neuschwanstein Castle – the one that inspired Walt Disney to build one for Cinderella. This is a great road trip for those who love the outdoors.

Photo by Valeriia Miller on Pexels.com

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