Training For An Active Vacation? Here’s How To Get It Right | Partnered Post

Not all vacations involve lying around beside the pool, flicking the odd salted peanut into your mouth. In fact, for many of us, time off work is an opportunity to get active and use our bodies for a change. 

Unfortunately, given the type of work that many of us do, we’re not always in the best shape. We’d love to take part in Giro d Italia tours cycling through the Dolomites and Apennines of Italy or the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, but we simply don’t have the bodies to do it. 

Don’t worry: in this post, we’ve got you covered. We run through all the things that you need to do before you go on your active vacation so that you can make the most of it. 

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Find A Buddy To Train With You

When it comes to preparing for an active vacation, it’s not something that you want to do by yourself. That takes a lot of willpower. 

Instead, team up with someone else, particularly if they will be going away with you. Get together two or three times a week to push your bodies so that you are ready by the time your trip arrives. 

Set Goals

Don’t just go through the motions during your training. Instead, set goals so that you can see how far you’re progressing as the weeks run on. Time yourself to see how fit you are and the areas that you need to improve. Make sure that your goals are measurable and specific, such as cycling 10km in less than 20 minutes. 

Be Flexible

When you’re busy working or taking care of your family, it can be difficult to find time to train for an active vacation. But, remember, you don’t have to train during the same time slots every week. You can be flexible. 

If you notice your schedule is a little emptier than usual, fill the time by being more active. If you don’t feel like you have the energy to exercise, wait until you do. Try not to force anything. 

Unsplash – CC0 License

Enjoy It While Your Doing It

Working out shouldn’t be some awful chore that you feel like you’re being forced to endure. Instead, it should be a fun break from the rest of your week – a source of relaxation. 

Once you’ve finished exercising, take some time out to relax. Allow the endorphins to flow so that you get a proper reward for all your hard work. This will encourage you to continue your training program in the future.

Give Your Body Plenty Of Time To Recover

When training for a vacation, make sure that you give your body plenty of time to recover. Remember, you get fitter and stronger when you are resting, however counterintuitive that might sound. 

Pick A Sport You Love

Lastly, when training, make sure that you’re doing something that you love. It could be the same activity that you want to pursue on vacation, or something entirely different. If you start feeling low or lacking motivation, ask the people around you to give you encouragement.

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