Planning A Celebration Vacation? 3 Tips For You | Partnered Post

There are many reasons to travel this amazing and weird world of ours. It might be that you are absolutely transfixed by the beauty of the landscape in tropical environments, or you wish to learn more about history, or to immerse yourself in another culture entirely. Some people head on vacation, realize they absolutely adore... Continue Reading →

6 Reasons to Get Away from The Screen on a Regular Basis | Partnered Post

Today, we are all more dependent on our assorted digital devices than ever before – and when we aren’t doing something with our smartphones, or at our computers, we will often relax and unwind in front of the TV. Ultimately, though, while modern digital devices are extremely powerful, useful and beneficial in a wide range... Continue Reading →

Chasing sunrises in Bagan

When most people think of Bagan they probably only think of the hot air balloons soaring gracefully over the ancient pagodas as the sun rises,  but the reality (for us photographers anyway) was being in a near-constant state of anxiety as we raced around the ruins trying to figure out the best spots that would... Continue Reading →

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