6 Reasons to visit Bangladesh

I was lucky enough to have this piece published on the Born To Bunk website last year, and now that my blog is finally up and running I wanted to share it here too. Bangladesh was a huge culture shock to me, and one that I struggled with at times, but looking back I realise... Continue Reading →

Three days in Singapore

After a successful three days in Hong Kong, the next stop on my itinerary was the city of Singapore. It was a disaster at first... dressed in clothes too warm for the heat, a backpack I could barely carry, a mile long walk the wrong way down the right road to finding a hostel that... Continue Reading →

Three days in Hong Kong

Hong Kong was my first stop on my first trip around the world. I was 19 years old and super nervous about being in this strange city alone, I bought myself a Berlitz Pocket Guide, booked a hostel downtown and planned everything before I left home. I had nothing to be scared of! The people... Continue Reading →

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