Hiking to Fissile Peak and Russet Lake

Before You Go This is a very long and somewhat difficult hike. It's a 29m round trip with constant elevation changes as you cross several peaks and valleys. If you don't already have a pass, you will need to buy a sightseeing lift ticket if you plan on taking the gondola up. Trails are well... Continue Reading →

Hiking to Rainbow Lake

Before You Go The trailhead is a short walk or bike ride from Alta Lake so it's perfect if you don't have a car. It takes around 4 - 5 hours for the 16km round trip, the path is well marked and you only gain 850m elevation, so it's one of the shortest and easiest... Continue Reading →

Hiking to Joffre Lakes

Before You Go You'll need a car to get to the car park at the trailhead as it's an hour and 20 minutes drive north of Whistler. Along the way, you'll drive past the lovely Green Lake, the trailhead for Nairn Falls and the town of Pemberton, where you should definitely stop at the Mile... Continue Reading →

Stick Around for a Summer in Whistler

Whistler is fast becoming as popular in the summer as it is in the winter, but everything is slightly cheaper. You can also take advantage of the huge range of amazing outdoor activities like hiking, camping and mountain biking. You'll be swapping sweaty nights in Moe Joe's for lakeside BBQs and snowboards for bikes. Whistler... Continue Reading →

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