11 kick ass caves you should add to your bucket list

Barton Creek Cave, Belize This cave, easily accessible by tour from San Ignacio, is a great day trip for those who like to mix history with adventure. You'll canoe into darkness while your guide points out pottery shards and human remains from the Mayans who used to inhabit the area. Batu Caves, Malaysia These huge... Continue Reading →

18 Instagram accounts you should be following in 2018!

If you're anything like me, you love browsing Instagram in search of your latest bucket list item or family vacay. I spend hours scrolling through my feed, full of beautiful destinations, double-tapping every place I wish I could go. Now that the new year is here, it's time we started planning new adventures, so here... Continue Reading →

10 movies to awaken your wanderlust

I previously wrote a list of songs and books to awaken your wanderlust, but we all love a good movie. And what traveller doesn't love a film that will inspire them to go on another adventure? Whether it's hiking through mountains, driving across an entire country, or falling in love in a new city. Here... Continue Reading →

14 songs to awaken your wanderlust

I previously wrote a list of books and movies to awaken your wanderlust, but sometimes all I want is sit somewhere beautiful, put my headphones on and listen to some music that can awaken my wanderlust. Here are a few songs that I can count on when I'm feeling a bit lost, and the lyrics that inspire me. 🎵🎵🎵... Continue Reading →

9 books to awaken your wanderlust

There are some days when travel, and anything to do with it, seems like too much effort. The constant planning, saving and moving. It's addictive, but it can be draining. Sometimes I lose all motivation. When this happens I like to make a cup of tea, get some snacks and sit back with a good... Continue Reading →

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