Honey, I’m Home! Things To Do When You Get Back From Travelling | Partnered Post

Like all good things, travelling has to come to an end. It’s sad to say goodbye to the people and the experiences, but it’s also nice to head home too. Everyone looks forward to the prospect of seeing friends and family for the first time in six months. Who knows, it may even gloss over... Continue Reading →

How to survive your Trans Mongolian adventure

Depending on your route, time schedule and goals, you could spend anything from a few hours to 7 days on the train. My longest was a 57-hour journey from Vladimir to Krasnoyarsk, followed immediately by a 17-hour journey to Irkutsk, and thankfully I was well prepared. Here's everything you need to know, and what you... Continue Reading →

How to go plastic free while travelling!

It's no secret that humans are slowly destroying the planet thanks to global warming and a whole host of other problems we've caused, like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. According to Greenpeace, an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans EVERY YEAR. "Travelling on ocean currents this plastic is now turning... Continue Reading →

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