Alternative Accommodation: 7 Places To Sleep That Aren’t Hotels | Partnered Post

Hotels aren’t the only place to rest your head when travelling. Here are seven alternative forms of accommodation to consider that could add to the adventure. Stay in a hostel Hostels are favoured by backpackers as a cheap means of accommodation. You’ll find them all around the world – particularly in cities. You may have …

How to Travel on a Budget in 2018 | Partnered Post

When you are on the move it's hard (and often very limiting) to carry everything you need on your back. However, this can present a bit of a dilemma, you don’t want to waste money buying items you only need for a few days, but equally risking missing these experiences altogether isn’t ideal either. Well happily there now is a middle ground available, with peer-to-peer rental platforms like Fat Lama allowing you to borrow kit cheaply from people in the local area.