Essential tips for that first big trip

You've booked your flights... now what!? There are a million things that you could plan, organize, book or buy, but don't worry about it. Follow these essential tips and let the rest work itself out! You don't need to book everything before you leave. Plans change, mistakes happen, you meet people who are doing something... Continue Reading →

Booking your first Round The World Trip

So you've decided real life can be put on hold for a while. Time to pack your bags and become a world explorer! Where do you start? Well, book some flights of course! I was 19 when I first decided to leave home, all I knew was that I wanted to go to New Zealand... Continue Reading →

So you think you want to travel?

Of course you do. Almost everybody does. A weekend away or a year abroad, an amazing adventure awaits. You just need to take a deep breath and take that first step to make it happen... Scared? You should be. It's a big world out there, with thousands of people to meet and millions of places... Continue Reading →

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