Chasing sunrises in Bagan

When most people think of Bagan they probably only think of the hot air balloons soaring gracefully over the ancient pagodas as the sun rises,  but the reality (for us photographers anyway) was being in a near-constant state of anxiety as we raced around the ruins trying to figure out the best spots that would... Continue Reading →

The backpacker’s guide to Yangon

Although Naypyidaw is the capital of Myanmar, it's not a place often visited by tourists. It doesn't have a lot to offer, so Yangon is the place to be! I spent two weeks here and I really loved it in the beginning, I saw everything on this list in the first three days and then... Continue Reading →

Exploring amazing Ella

Ella is a small and rather famous town in the Uva province of Sri Lanka, surrounded by jungle-clad hills dotted with some pretty impressive waterfalls. It's usually the final destination for anyone riding the famous train from Kandy, and it's a great place to hike, explore, eat too much good food, or just relax in... Continue Reading →

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