Shipwrecks and seals along the Skeleton Coast

The Namib-Skeleton National Park covers the entire coast of Namibia, stretching 1579km from Ugab River in the south to the border of Angola in the north, aptly named for the countless shipwrecks hidden along it's seemingly endless coast. You'll also find relentless sand dunes, cute little German towns and one of the world's largest Cape Fur seal colonies.

(No) Surf and (no) sun in (deserted) Santa Catalina…

Santa Catalina is supposedly the best surf spot in all of Panama and is becoming a very popular tourist destination. Unfortunately, we were there in the dead season. Even the surf was nonexistent. There was literally nothing to do except eat, read and sleep, which isn't necessarily a bad thing! Most hotels and hostels were... Continue Reading →

Surf and sunsets in El Tunco

The perfect waves, the sunsets and the chilled out vibe are the three things that stand out most about El Tunco. This small beach town on the coast of El Salvador is becoming a popular stop on the backpacker route and definitely shouldn't be missed if you want to relax for a week (or four).... Continue Reading →

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