Panama City and the Panama Canal by railway

Panama City is the diverse and cosmopolitan capital of Panama, and it's the perfect spot to start or finish your Central America trip. Head to Casco Viejo to see old meet new, climb Cerro Ancón for amazing views, and of course you need to visit the world-famous Panama Canals. The old town of Casco Viejo... Continue Reading →

The city of León and Playa Las Peñitas

The chilled out vibe and the colonial architecture make León a great place to spend a week. You can explore the pastel-coloured churches and eat your heart out at the numerous food markets, you can enjoy the view from the top of the Cathedral, take a day trip to the beach or to one of... Continue Reading →

What to do in Vancouver

Explore the city Day or night, Vancouver is a busy and beautiful city. You can go on a whale watching tour or ride in a floatplane to give yourself a bird's eye view of the city below. You can head to the park, the mountains or the microbrewery on Granville Island. If you don't want... Continue Reading →

A travellers reunion in Stockholm

You automatically have one thing in common with everyone you meet while travelling: you're all travellers. Whatever their reasons, each person has ditched the real world in search of adventure and suddenly you're surrounded by people who get it. You'll be happy sharing a room with someone you've just met, and even happier when you... Continue Reading →

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