Southeast Bangladesh: Cox’s Bazar and Inani Beach

When you think of Bangladesh you wouldn't think of the beach, but it turns out that Bangladesh is home to the world's longest uninterrupted stretch of sand which is almost completely deserted except for the busy town of Cox's Bazar. Here we found our first part of the country that really caters to tourists. The... Continue Reading →

Northeast Bangladesh: Srimangal and Lawachara National Park

This trip was a short one as we only had two goals: to drink 7 layered tea and to see the Hoolock gibbons in Lawachara National Park. It was actually quite a nice trip where I didn't have too many breakdowns trying to deal with the culture shock, and we accomplished both of our goals!... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka is a hectic city full of traffic jams, overwhelming crowds and a lot of stares. There are over 17 million people that live here and you can tell as soon as you leave the airport. But once you start to explore the backroads and riverways you'll start to notice its charm hidden behind the... Continue Reading →

6 Reasons to visit Bangladesh

I was lucky enough to have this piece published on the Born To Bunk website last year, and now that my blog is finally up and running I wanted to share it here too. Bangladesh was a huge culture shock to me, and one that I struggled with at times, but looking back I realise... Continue Reading →

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