The Gartmore Experience: a walking holiday in the hills of Scotland

After spending most of last year hiking above 3000m; struggling to breathe, suffering from altitude sickness, carrying a 20kg bag and sleeping in tents when it's far too cold to be outside... a walking holiday in the hills of Scotland with the luxurious Gartmore Estate was exactly what I needed. If you love walking, but also love a little comfort and luxury at the end of a tough day, then this will be the holiday for you, too.

A winter road trip in Iceland

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is one of the most beautiful countries I've ever been to. Think vast plains and active volcanoes, snowy mountains and black sand beaches, ancient history and a landscape that inspired some eerie folklore. While it’s best visited in the summer if you want rolling green hills and a... Continue Reading →

Baths and bars in Budapest

The second part of my European adventure with From Europe and Beyond took part in the huge city of Budapest. It was much bigger and busier than I expected, so my carefully planned walking tour turned into a marathon, but there are some amazing things to see. We stayed at the Red Fox Hostel, which... Continue Reading →

Czech us out in Prague

So I'm pretty sure Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I spent a few days here with Lizzie, the gorgeous girl behind From Europe and Beyond, after a 3 year period without seeing each other. It was the best reunion we could have had. After a snuggly hello and a rushed... Continue Reading →

A travellers reunion in Stockholm

You automatically have one thing in common with everyone you meet while travelling: you're all travellers. Whatever their reasons, each person has ditched the real world in search of adventure and suddenly you're surrounded by people who get it. You'll be happy sharing a room with someone you've just met, and even happier when you... Continue Reading →

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