Adventures on Groote Eylandt

Alyangula An hours drive from Umbakumba rewarded us with phone signal, swimming pools, and civilization. Oh, and alcohol. It becomes a luxury when you live in a dry community! Rat's Cove After a day of fishing (which mostly involves fighting sharks for your catch), it's nice to stop at this gorgeous beach for lunch and... Continue Reading →

Island life on Ometepe

This gorgeous island dominated by two volcanoes, Volcán Concepción and Volcán Maderas, is one of the most popular backpacker spots in Nicaragua. Wherever you are on the island you're pretty much guaranteed to a spectacular view of the mountains... if the clouds ever clear. Getting to Ometepe from Granada To get here from Granada on... Continue Reading →

Chilling out in Cancún and Isla Mujeres

Mexico is probably up there in my Top 5 favourite countries in the world, especially the Yucatán Peninsular. Beautiful beaches, ancient temples, incredible diving and delicious food, all suitable for any budget. The locals were friendly, helpful and found our poor understanding of Spanish hilarious. Cancún This will probably be your first stop. Most people... Continue Reading →

Beach life in Sihanoukville

This up-and-coming beach town is another part of Cambodia that has a bloody history. During the civil war the Khmer Rouge used the massive Independence Hotel as target practice, they also made the mistake of hijacking an American container ship and the town was bombed by the U.S Air Force. Even after Pol Pot was... Continue Reading →

Four Thousand Islands of relaxation

Si Phan Don, meaning The 4000 Islands, is an archipelago at the very bottom of Laos, bordering Cambodia to the south. Most of the islands are completely submerged when the waters of the Mekong are high. We stayed on Don Dhet, it's the perfect place to relax, catch up on your diary, read a book... Continue Reading →

Dinosaur hunting on Pulau Tioman

This small island off the coast of peninsular Malaysia was our first stop because I read that beer was cheaper than water there. This is (or was) most definitely true, you can take a stroll down to the tiny airport and buy yourself a lot of beer and alcohol for very little cash. You can... Continue Reading →

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