Hiking in the Malolotja Nature Reserve

Swaziland is a tiny landlocked African country, bordered by Mozambique to the east and South Africa to the north, west and south. This tiny gem is well worth a visit if you’re in SA, as it’s only a four-hour drive from Johannesburg to beautiful Malolotja Nature Reserve, where we spent a day hiking. After saying... Continue Reading →

Volcano boarding, sinkholes and crater lakes: The El Hoyo Hike

If you can put up with a heavy pack and a lot of heat then this two-day adventure will be worth the pain. It's volcano boarding down the youngest volcano in Nicaragua, camping under a giant sinkhole on Volcan El Hoyo, watching the sunrise over Volcan Managua and swimming in Laguna Asososca. We booked with... Continue Reading →

Lakes and waterfalls around New Zealand

New Zealand is a land of beautiful coastline, towering mountains and deep valleys. With all this comes some breathtaking lakes, towering waterfalls and rushing rivers. Here are some of the best that I was lucky enough to visit. Bowen Falls The best way to see this 162m high waterfall is by cruise ship as you... Continue Reading →

Hold your nose in Rotorua

Rotorua is a town in the middle of the North Island that is surrounded by so much volcanic activity that it stinks of sulfur 24/7. You get used to it pretty quickly, but try to avoid getting a hangover! Bad smells aside, this is the place to come if you want hot springs and mud... Continue Reading →

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