Exploring the Wild (white) West in Cody, Wyoming

During the summer the town of Cody, named after the famous Buffalo Bill Cody, is teeming with tourists eager to explore the nearby Yellowstone National Park. During the winter you can still make the most of the mountains and keep yourself entertained, even if you're just waiting for the snow to melt. Explore the town... Continue Reading →

Chilling out in Cancún and Isla Mujeres

Mexico is probably up there in my Top 5 favourite countries in the world, especially the Yucatán Peninsular. Beautiful beaches, ancient temples, incredible diving and delicious food, all suitable for any budget. The locals were friendly, helpful and found our poor understanding of Spanish hilarious. Cancún This will probably be your first stop. Most people... Continue Reading →

Explorez Montréal et Québec

Québec is a predominantly French-speaking province in eastern Canada and the only one to use French as its official language. Most people use French as their first language and English (with an accent) as their second, and most signs are in French before English. Walking through the oldest parts of the cities feels like you... Continue Reading →

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