Adventures on Groote Eylandt

Alyangula An hours drive from Umbakumba rewarded us with phone signal, swimming pools, and civilization. Oh, and alcohol. It becomes a luxury when you live in a dry community! Rat's Cove After a day of fishing (which mostly involves fighting sharks for your catch), it's nice to stop at this gorgeous beach for lunch and... Continue Reading →

The reality of living in an aboriginal community

When most people think of Australia they picture pristine beaches, swaying palm trees and clear, turquoise surf. Most people see only the east coast, some venture to the west coast and even fewer experience the real Australian outback. When I came to Australia I was given the opportunity to experience not only an extremely remote... Continue Reading →

Darwin and Litchfield National Park

Perched on the northern coast of the Northern Territories of Australia, miles and miles and miles away from any other city, is Darwin. The humidity might kill you before the crocodiles do, but there's a good backpacker scene and it's a perfect base for exploring the national parks of the Northern Territories.

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