The Gartmore Experience: a walking holiday in the hills of Scotland

After spending most of last year hiking above 3000m; struggling to breathe, suffering from altitude sickness, carrying a 20kg bag and sleeping in tents when it's far too cold to be outside... a walking holiday in the hills of Scotland with the luxurious Gartmore Estate was exactly what I needed. If you love walking, but also love a little comfort and luxury at the end of a tough day, then this will be the holiday for you, too.

6 of the best day hikes on the Isle of Skye

After spending a summer in rainy England it was awesome to escape to rainy Scotland for a family holiday to the gorgeous Isle of Skye. There are a ton of hikes to choose from, we chose these 6 because they all offered something a little different. You'll need a car to get around the island,... Continue Reading →

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