Surf and sunsets on the south coast of Sri Lanka

After spending just 11 days in the middle of Sri Lanka climbing rocks and towers, going on an elephant safari, riding that famous blue train, hiking Adam's Peak for sunrise, and exploring Ella I was more than ready to spend the rest of my month on the stunning beaches along the south coast! There are... Continue Reading →

A little slice of paradise in San Juan del Sur

When I first arrived in the town of San Juan del Sur it didn't seem like anything special, but as soon as I saw the beach, or rather the view from it, it left me speechless. The crescent beach is lined with palm trees, the bay full of calm, cold water and fishing boats, with... Continue Reading →

Surf and sunsets in El Tunco

The perfect waves, the sunsets and the chilled out vibe are the three things that stand out most about El Tunco. This small beach town on the coast of El Salvador is becoming a popular stop on the backpacker route and definitely shouldn't be missed if you want to relax for a week (or four).... Continue Reading →

The East Coast Australia Bucket List

Australia is a land of scorching heat and deadly animals. It is also full of beautiful beaches, fun cities and amazing sights to see. Once you've figured out how to cover this massive landmass you need to think about the places and things you'll be stopping at along the way. Scuba dive the Great Barrier... Continue Reading →

A summer Christmas in Gisborne

If you're from the northern hemisphere then a Christmas in summer will seem like a strange and unnatural thing to you. It is. Having a Christmas dinner, watching snowy Christmas movies, going for a surf and a few beers on the beach. Weird, but fantastic. I spent mine exploring the beautiful beaches around Gisborne. Gisborne... Continue Reading →

Living the dream in Whangamata

Pronounced Fung-uh-ma-tah. I was lucky enough to live in this idyllic surf town for three months. I worked part-time in a bar and spent my days kayaking, surfing, swimming, sunbathing and reading. The waves here are perfect, good for beginners too. It has a cool vibe, and some good summer activities and festivals. The huge... Continue Reading →

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