Choose Bambu Backpackers for your budget stay in Perth

Perth is the largest city in Western Australia and the most isolated city in the world. There's plenty to keep you busy, however, and you'll need a place to rest your head at the end of a long day. If you're looking for budget accommodation in the heart of the city with plenty of free... Continue Reading →

A Western Australia Road Trip: Stromatolites and dolphins in Shark Bay

​Shark Bay was always on our list of places to see in WA, partly because of our weird obsession with sharks and partly to see the world's oldest living organism, because science. Oh, and some dolphins and a beach made up entirely of shells. Basically, it's a good place to spend some time. Hamelin Pool... Continue Reading →

Cuddle a quokka on Rottnest

If you don't know what a quokka is I suggested you educate yourself right now. There is an island off the coast of Perth that is home to literally hundreds of these tiny wallabies and they are SO CUTE. Also, the island itself is gorgeous, you can't miss it while you're in Perth! Getting to... Continue Reading →

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