A Western Australia Road Trip: Coral Bay and Cape Range National Park

We left Shark Bay and made our way even further north, passing through Carnarvon and wishing we had a 4x4 to explore the dramatic Gascoyne Coast along Gnaraloo Road, but we had a Nissan Micra, so we stuck to the highway and ended up in Coral Bay. Seriously, rent a 4x4 if you can afford... Continue Reading →

Darwin and Litchfield National Park

Perched on the northern coast of the Northern Territories of Australia, miles and miles and miles away from any other city, is Darwin. The humidity might kill you before the crocodiles do, but there's a good backpacker scene and it's a perfect base for exploring the national parks of the Northern Territories.

Wildlife in Kaikoura

Kaikoura is home to some amazing wildlife and you'll have many chances to see it. Walk among the seals, swim with the dolphins, watch the whales or feed the albatross. We tried and failed to go whale watching and swimming with dolphins... but don't worry, f you have the same luck as I did there are... Continue Reading →

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